Pamlico Tandem Kayak 160t for sale

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For Sale

Kayak Tandem Kayak Pamlico 160T - $550 (West Falmouth)

wilderness Systems Pamlico 160TTandem Kayak 15 12 feet longPolyethylene with soft-chinned, flat bottom hull. Foldable rudder. Phase 3 adjustable seating. 550 pound capacity.Cockpit is 90 x 23. 33 wide. 16 deep.87 pounds. Comes with 2 paddles.Lists for $1249

For Sale

Wilderness Wilderness Systems Pamlico Tandem Kayak (15 ft long) - $450 (Carrollton)

Wilderness Systems Pamlico Tandem Kayak15 ft long with rudder system and pull wheels$450 or best offer - cash only

For Sale

Pamlico 160T tandem kayak 2019 Wilderness Systems Pamlico 145 Tandem - $649 (Durango)

The boat shows normal signs of wear and tear, but has no major gouges or dents. Please call for more information.

Pamlico Tandem Kayak 160t

The boat in question is a Pamlico 160T w/rudder. I ended up going for the Pamlico 160 with the rudder. The same characteristics as the popular Pamlico 145T in a bigger hull.

There are currently 3 for sale listings for sale in NORFOLK VA region. Refine your search in NORFOLK VA by ads types, Including Systems, Paddle, System, About, Kayaks, Wilderness, Tandem, Contact. The average listing price for Wilderness listings on Espotted $550. Whether you are interested in viewing Pamlico tandem kayak 160t items for sale in almost any of your favorite areas, Product, Description,Paddles,Kayak. Pamlico,Rudder,Wilderness systems you'll find what you're searching for.

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Norfolk VA, Falmouth MA, Clifton CO

Pamlico Tandem Kayak 160t
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