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Easels Mabef M22 Mabef M22 French sketch box easel - $80 (Torrington)

Mabef M22 model French sketch box easel. Lightly used. Kept in original box when not in use. Missing the wooden paint palet. Retail $200 on sale-$500 original retail$80 firm. Pick up will be arranged in the Torrington Aldi parking lot.

Mabef M22 Easel

+ usa 400 USA 400, from QSC in the series.95 The Mabef M-22 French Sketch Box Easel is the perfect travel companion. Easel has a 4 compartment, tin-lined sliding accessory drawer for storage.

There are now 1 for sale listings available in DANBURY CT region. Refine your search in DANBURY CT by listings types, Including Easel, Palette, Wooden, Canvas, Information, Height, Contact, Lined. The average listing price for Height ads on Espotted $80. Whether you're interested in viewing Mabef M22 easel items for sale in any of your preferred neighborhoods, Supplies, Oiled,Mabef,Easels. Acrylic,Italy,Drawer you'll find what you're searching for.

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Mabef M22 Easel
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