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For Sale

Service Beautiful palm trees (Las Vegas)

I just woke up 342am just to start removing palm trees, I love these palm trees but they started growing out of no where and they are to close to the wall.They are small enough to transfer to another location I live near lake mead and D st.

For Sale

Buy Free Two 40 foot palm trees (las vegas)

I have two forty foot palm trees and need to get rid of them, you can have them for free , you dig them out and back fill hole and there yours ,Call ask for Gilbert.

For Sale

Las Vegas's Palm tree (free) (Las Vegas)

If you can dig it and take it, its yours

LAS Vegas Palm Trees FOR Sale

One of the most cold hardy palms available in the market. Interesting, fine-leafed variety makes an excellent potted palm for house or patio. Graceful, hardy palm with feathery, strongly arching, gray green leaves.

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Las Vegas NV

LAS Vegas Palm Trees FOR Sale
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