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For Sale

Swangas 04 Chevy Impala on 20quot Wheels $4000 obo - $4000 (Homosassa)

For sale is a Black 2004 impala thats had lots of parts replaced, list of repairs preventative maintenance in past 6 months includes battery, all 4 tires are new1000 miles give or take, head l light bulbs, oil and filterfull synthetic changed in the past 2 months , brakes ...

For Sale

Search 2006 Impala Firm on price - $2300 (Grand Rapids)

I recently got a new vehicle and looking to sell my 2006 Chevy Impala at 167,000 miles. Ive replaced the transmission, muffler, exhaust. The interior could use a detail and there is a crack on the driver side mirror. Impala ON Swangas

Impala ON Swangas

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Grand Rapids MI, Ocala FL

Impala ON Swangas
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