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For Sale

LesPaul JUNIOR Burny Super Grade Les Paul - $650 (Laurens)

Awesome Burny Super Grade in good shape. Neck is great, frets are great. This is a late 90s to early 2000s Korean made Burny. Guitar will include a gig bag. Price is pretty firm. Not interested in trades at this time. Every collector needs a Burny Come get it.

Burny LES Paul JR

We called it a freak of the otherwise crappy production of instruments. At least my model which is a rosewood and black hollowbody bass. What would a guitar like this be worth in todays market.The build quality of the Japanese guitars was so much better. The original source for Gretsch guitar knowledge.

There are now 1 for sale listings for sale in GREENVILLE SC region. Refine your search in GREENVILLE SC by listings types, Including Burny, Les paul, Gibson, Other, Index, There, Another, Things. The average listing price for There ads on Espotted $650. Whether you're interested in viewing Burny LES paul JR items for sale in any of your favorite areas, Please, Contact,Maybe,Guitar. Because,About,Guitars you'll find what you're looking for.

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Burny LES Paul JR
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